The hotdog identifying app in Silicon Valley is real — and it's pure gold


Much of season four of Silicon Valley so far has circled around the boorish charm of entrepreneur Erlich Bachman and his attempt to make something of the young developer Jian-Yang's octopus recipes app. Bachman hastily invested in the app, thinking it had to do with Oculus -- not octopus. With venture capitalists confused as to why anyone would want an app with eight octopus recipes in it, Bachman seized on Jian-Yang's lack of English by explaining its not a seafood app, but rather you can "see food," pivoting the app to become the "Shazam of food" to secure funding. Once the SeeFood app is built, it unfortunately can only correctly identify a hot dog. It's a hotdog-identifying app that uses your phone's camera tell if a food item is a hotdog... or not.

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