iPhone 7 will be the last phone with an actual home button, according to reports

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The upcoming iPhone might be the last one to feature a home button, according to a new report. The 2017 handset – long rumoured to be a far bigger upgrade than any in previous years, including the iPhone 7 – will just be one big sheet of glass on the front, according to a Bloomberg report. That will be achieved by dropping the home button that has sat on the bottom of iPhones ever since they were first released in 2007. As such, it will likely bring a whole new design to the phone – which has previously been marked out by the iconic round shape at its bottom. Jonathan Pierrard, 26, from Rossignol, Belgium is the first customer to leave with the new iPhone 6s at The Apple Store in Opera, after queuing for few days, in Parisr to open new shortcuts - a feature Apple calls 3D Touch.

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