Samsung reveals TV that doubles as a picture frame

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

WikiLeaks said it identified a project known as Weeping Angel where U.S. and British intelligence agencies developed ways to take over Samsung smart TVs equipped with microphones, forcing them to record conversations when the device appeared to be turned off. Experts have long said smart TVs and other Internet-connected devices can be exploited to monitor a target. WikiLeaks, in a statement, said: 'The attack against Samsung smart TVs was developed in cooperation with the United Kingdom's MI5/BTSS. After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a'Fake Off' mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on. 'In'Fake Off' mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the internet to a covert CIA server.'

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