Only 1 in 5 enterprises have DMARC records set up with an enforcement policy


Security company Vailmail released the Summer 2019 Email Fraud Landscape report on Tuesday highlighting recent efforts by enterprises to protect email accounts from cyberthreats. The report mostly focuses on the adoption rate of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), a system that allows email domain owners to protect their domain from unauthorized use or "spoofing." Vailmail's researchers found that most enterprises were taking a positive step forward and saw a huge spike in DMARC adoption worldwide. Yet despite widespread adoption, the study found more than 90% of enterprise domains remain vulnerable to email impersonation attacks. By using DMARC and other similar authentication systems, domain owners can publish text files in the Domain Name System (DNS) laying out specific policies for how mail receivers should deal with unauthenticated email that appears to come from their domains.

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