Workload Automation: 2018 Predictions From Gartner & EMA


As the amount of data that needs to be processed continues to increase, more and more IT teams are turning to cloud computing to help manage their large workloads. Workload Automation plays a vital role in managing virtual and cloud resources and can mean the difference between successful, cost-efficient cloud computing, and hidden-cost ridden operations. A Workload Automation solution that offers automated provisioning and deprovisioning of virtual and cloud-based resources, based on both historical and predictive analytics, can introduce a form of machine learning into your cloud environment and help you optimize your resource usage. The EMA Radar Report commends ActiveBatch Workload Automation on its standout cloud features, such as Smart Queue and Managed Queue, and its prebuilt integrations with VMware, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and System Center Virtual Machine Manger. The report states that these features and capabilities "make ActiveBatch a strong choice for anyone relying on hybrid or multi-cloud to optimize resource usage."