Australian Space Agency believes existing robotics can be used for terrestrial activities


The Australian Space Agency (ASA) has highlighted that over the next decade Australia has an opportunity to prioritise six areas when it comes to robotics and automation on earth and in space. In publishing its Robotics and Automation on Earth and in Space Roadmap [PDF] on Monday, the ASA detailed that these six areas are remote operations, interoperability, analogue facilities and services, robotic platforms, in-situ resource utilisation services (ISRU), and terrestrial foundation services, such as materials handling and transport. Specifically, the roadmap describes how Australia could leverage its existing expertise in robotics technology and systems, provide solutions in the global marketplace to support the sustainable build-up of space assets and infrastructure, and enable international collaboration with industry. "Robots go places and do things that humans can't, and advances in automation allow us to carry out complex tasks with more sophistication. These technologies are playing an ever-increasing role in supporting human operations on the moon," ASA CTO Nick Larcombe said.

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