Two-thirds of UK financial services firms are using machine learning


Finance firms are using machine learning (ML) across their businesses with the technology's spread likely to continue as the obstacles it faces are not deemed insurmountable, according to a survey carried out by the Bank of England. The survey, which had more than 100 respondents, revealed that around two-thirds of financial services companies in the UK are using ML. The technology is used to replace manual tasks in the industry through its ability to recognise patterns in data and make decisions. "ML has wide-ranging applications in financial services and, when combined with increasing computational power, has the ability to analyse large data sets, detect patterns and solve problems at speed," said the Bank of England. "The use of ML has the potential to generate analytical insights, support new products and services, and reduce market frictions and inefficiencies. If this potential is achieved, consumers could benefit from more tailored, lower cost products and firms could become more responsive, leaner and effective."

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