'Pokémon GO' Needs Quests To Solve Its Downtime Problem Between Events

Forbes - Tech 

You may have noticed a pattern with Pokémon GO these days, that the game will release an event that will get many lapsed players buzzing and playing again and then…it's over. The cycle has become so regular, with events coming every month or so, that the two or three weeks in between events when nothing is going on has become a sort of inescapably tedious downtime for the game. The problem is that without some sort of bonus incentive to play, either a big biome shift where spawns are dramatically changed or an event that doubles XP or candy or lure time or something along those lines, the base game itself is not really engaging enough to keep many players playing. Obviously there are larger structural changes needed to help with this. I have been asking for in-game NPCs to battle with for ages, for instance, but I won't go down that rabbit hole for the millionth time.

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