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Seemingly, one of the most controversial things about Tesla cars is its Autopilot feature, a driver-assist feature that helps drivers navigate and pilot their vehicle. Oddly, while news of exciting Autopilot features comes out regularly, general information about exactly what Autopilot is, what the options are, and what it can and cannot do seem to be few and far between. I have tried to collect and answer the biggest questions about Autopilot below to help prospective buyers know what the system is and is not, as well as to inform journalists about the system in case they find themselves trying to cover a news story regarding the system. When the next questionable news story comes out, please feel free to link this article for anyone wondering about the system. Please note that all of the below information refers to Tesla vehicles containing Autopilot 2.0 hardware or higher in them (vehicles built since October of 2016). Although, the majority of the information will apply to all Tesla vehicles that are Autopilot enabled.

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