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Recently, the federal office of Science and Technology Policy issued a request for public feedback on "overarching questions in [Artificial Intelligence], including AI research and the tools, technologies, and training that are needed to answer these questions." OSTP is in the process of co-hosting four public workshops in 2016 on topics in AI in order to spur public dialogue on these topics and to identify challenges and opportunities related to this emerging technology. These topics include the legal and governance issues for AI, AI for public good, safety and control for AI, and the social and economic implications of AI. The Request for Information lists 10 specific topics on which the government would appreciate feedback, including "the use of AI for public good" and "the most pressing, fundamental questions in AI research, common to most or all scientific fields." One of the academics who answered the request for information is Shannon Vallor, who is the William J. Rewak Professor at Santa Clara University, and one of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics' faculty scholars.