The 'Cancer Moonshot' May Succeed -- If We Don't Weaken Patent Protections [Opinion]

International Business Times 

Joe Biden's cancer moonshot might not be as far-fetched as you think. Because multiple U.S. agencies recently took steps to make the cancer moonshot a reality by further strengthening patent rights. Earlier this summer, the Patent and Trademark Office created an expedited review process for certain patent applications covering "immunotherapies" -- new cancer treatments that re-engineer the body's immune system to attack tumors. Within days, the National Institutes of Health rejected a petition that urged the agency to use "march-in" rights to effectively take back the patent on a prostate cancer drug: It would've had a chilling effect on the development of new drugs if such blatant government overreach was implemented. Fortunately, both moves reaffirmed researchers' faith in the patent system, giving companies the confidence to continue investing in cancer research and countless other medical innovations.