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AI-powered chatbots come with many benefits for the businesses that adopt them, but in some instances, they can have greater impact for the everyday user. In this blog, we list four recent articles giving examples of where AI-powered applications and chatbots have been put into practice to help customers and the common man. The developer of the'world's first robot lawyer' application, which helped overturn more than one-hundred parking fines, is now adapting the functionality of the integrated chatbot to provide legal aid to refugees seeking asylum in the US and Canada, as well as asylum support in the UK. The original DoNotPay AI-powered application gives legal aid through a simple chat interface, where a chatbot asks a series of questions to help determine which application a refugee needs to fill out and whether they are eligible for asylum protection under international law. After this, the chatbot takes note of the relevant details required for asylum applications in the US or Canada, auto-fills the application form and sends.