Big Data, ML and APSs: Marketers Digital Jargon They Don't Understand


Despite 60% of Marketers Demanding Control of the'Digital Experience', Many Do Not Understand Common Digital Terms Despite 60% of marketers wanting to'own' the digital experience, many admit that they don't fully understand digital terminology such as API, big data and machine learning. The research, which surveyed over 200 IT professionals and 200 marketers, explores the growing disconnect between each group as they struggle to decide who should'own' the emerging digital experience sector. Magnolia found that 24% of marketers don't understand what'machine learning' is, and 23% say they don't know what the term'big data' means. A third of marketers also confess to not know what API stands for. IT teams are also suffering from a similar disconnect, with 77% saying they don't understand the buzzwords marketers use.

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