Machine Learning vs. AI, Important Differences Between Them


Recently, a report was released regarding the misuse from companies claiming to use artificial intelligence [29] [30] on their products and services. According to the Verge [29], 40% of European startups that claimed to use AI don't actually use the technology. Last year, TechTalks, also stumbled upon such misuse by companies claiming to use machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence to gather and examine thousands of users' data to enhance user experience in their products and services [2] [33]. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of confusion within the public and the media regarding what truly is artificial intelligence [44], and what truly is machine learning [18]. Often the terms are being used as synonyms, in other cases, these are being used as discrete, parallel advancements, while others are taking advantage of the trend to create hype and excitement, as to increase sales and revenue [2] [31] [32] [45].

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