UiPath fires hundreds of employees: is the RPA market facing a crisis?


EXCLUSIVE: UiPath has fired "just under 400 employees", according to a company spokesperson. An internal source suggests that this came as a surprise, given the fact that the leading player in the RPA market has attracted $568 million in Series D funding this year. But the insider claims that the cash burn at the company "is significantly higher than any other RPA player" and is a factor in these redundancies. In response, a UiPath spokesperson exclusively told Information Age that "while the business has grown at an incredible rate, it's natural that we evaluate our teams and internal investments from time to time. In this case, we have made the decision to trim back in areas that don't align with our current business focus. This has impacted less than 400 employees globally. But even with these changes, we have 50% more employees than on January 1 2019."

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