IoT Security: Internet Of Things Will Likely Continue To Grow, Pew Report Says

International Business Times 

The internet of things has been a main focus among tech companies in recent years as more manufacturers have figured out ways to integrate online connectivity into devices like cars and home appliances. But a report from the Pew Research Center and Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center finds many industry analysts are taking a largely pessimistic view toward the growth of the IoT industry. In the survey, researchers polled around 1,200 analysts, academics and industry members to get their views on the growth of IoT. While 15 percent of those polled said significant numbers of people would choose to disconnect from the IoT, the remaining 85 percent of experts said users would likely choose to further integrate into the IoT thanks both to the convenience of IoT and the difficulty in disconnecting from it. Many of those polled agreed on several broad IoT development points.