CES 2019: Robotic assistants


There's a bot for that; Samsung envisions a future where robots will manage key aspects of our daily lives, from health to retail. With smart assistants on the rise, the market for connected living is soaring to new heights. Canalys estimates that the number of smart assistant-compatible devices in US homes will increase by 400% over the next three years, reaching 1.6 billion devices across the country by 2022. Samsung presented their vision for the future of connected living at CES 2019, moving beyond voice assistants with a suite of robots designed "to manage activities of daily living." Following in the steps of Honda's Empower, Experience, Empathy Robotics Concept from last year's CES, Samsung's "companions for the future" are designed to make our lives easier, with human-centric support for everything from health management to personal shopping.