Huawei launches public safety comms solution


Chinese networking giant Huawei has announced the launch of its eLTE Multimedia Critical Communications System (eLTE MCCS), which it said provides "ultra-reliable" communications solutions for public safety organisations. According to Huawei, the narrowband networks traditionally used for public safety are limited to providing access to basic voice services. The eLTE MCCS service uses a mobile service convergence platform to interconnect such networks with video surveillance and geographic information systems. "This platform would enable gradual phasing out of existing narrowband networks and upgrading to new networks while maintaining provision of services and protecting the investments customers have already made in narrowband networks," Huawei explained. According to Huawei president of Enterprise Wireless Eric Sun, eLTE MCCS enables improved public safety services via its three capabilities: Dispatching Anywhere, Comprehensive Awareness, and Multi-Service Collaboration.

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