University of Sydney receives quantum computing grant from US intelligence


The University of Sydney has been awarded a slice of a multimillion dollar research grant from the United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence to advance its research in quantum computing. The undisclosed funding chunk will be injected into the Quantum Control Laboratory, which is led out of the university's month-old AU 150 million Sydney Nanoscience Hub. Additionally, an international consortium which includes the University of Sydney has also been selected by the US government-led LogiQ program to help deliver a logical quantum-bit (qubit) based on trapped ions. The LogiQ program is an initiative run by US government agency the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which is seeking creative technical solutions to the challenge of encoding imperfect physical qubits into a logical qubit, with a quibit forming the foundations for quantum computing. According to Sydney University's associate professor Michael Biercuk, a logical qubit is considered a holy grail in quantum information.

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