Dariusz Prokopowicz PhD of economy. MBA. MoR. Head of Innovation Department of International Institute of Innovations Science-Education-Development. Chief Economist HSI Capital Ltd. Member Supervisory Polish Trade and Service Centers Ltd. Vice-president KPH OIG. Poland Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Warsaw Faculty of History and Social Sciences


Technologies of advanced data processing Industry 4.0, including above all Learning machines and Artificial Intelligence is also used in the attempt to build machines equipped with the ability to self-improve the performed tasks and programmed activities. Perhaps in the future there will be an attempt to build artificial awareness in which supercomputers will be equipped. In my opinion, consciousness can only be mathematically modeled in theory. Even if a mathematical model of artificial consciousness were built using ICT and Industry 4.0 and in the future Industry 5.0 and based on this model artificial intelligence would be created in quantum computers installed e.g. in autonomous robots, androids, it will still be only artificial intelligence without emotions and the essence of human consciousness. An analysis of the nature of human thoughts is necessary to distinguish between human intelligence and various artificial intelligence technologies being developed.

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