Inspur Open-Sources TF2, a Full-Stack FPGA-Based Deep Learning Inference Engine


Inspur has announced the open-source release of TF2, an FPGA-based efficient AI computing framework. The inference engine of this framework employs the world's first DNN shift computing technology, combined with a number of the latest optimization techniques, to achieve FPGA-based high-performance low-latency deployment of universal deep learning models. This is also the world's first open-sourced FPGA-based AI framework that contains comprehensive solutions ranging from model pruning, compression, quantization, and a general DNN inference computing architecture based on FPGA. The open source project can be found at Many companies and research institutions, such as Kuaishou, Shanghai University, and MGI, are said to have joined the TF2 open source community, which will jointly promote open-source cooperation and the development of AI technology based on customizable FPGAs, reducing the barriers to high-performance AI computing technology, and shortening development cycles for AI users and developers.

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