Bitcoin for otaku: Tokyo startup to launch cryptocurrency to serve anime geeks

The Japan Times 

Cryptocurrencies may be making worldwide headlines as high volatility assets that have seen dazzling stretches of growth and stunning falls, but the CEO of Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. believes they have a different kind of potential. Naomitsu Kodaka says cryptocurrencies can serve as cross-border digital cash for smaller communities, such as hobbyists, that can be used within the group to build closer bonds and exchange assets. The startup's plan is to target hardcore anime, manga and game lovers -- or otaku (geeks) -- with a new cryptocurrency called Otaku Coin. "We think this is going to be quite an experiment," Kodaka, who also co-founded the firm, said in an interview last month. Tokyo Otaku Mode runs an e-commerce site selling goods related to anime, manga and video game titles.

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