Alexa claims to be 'too scared' when asked who H is in Line of Duty

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Line of Duty fans have asked Amazon's Alexa voice assistant about the identity of the mysterious'H' so many times that the devices are now quipping back. Videos have emerged online of fans asking Alexa to unmask the corrupt cop atthe centre of the show's plot but the device refuses, saying she's'too scared' or'can't be bothered'. The identity of'H' has plagued viewers throughout the series but the big reveal will identify the corrupt police officer at the top of the organised crime chain who has been pulling the strings. Social media user, Daniel Smith, was among those who could not bear to wait. he filmed himself asking his Alexa: 'Who is H?' The exasperated device replied: 'Honestly, I can't be bothered to talk about this anymore. 'Too many people are asking me who H is.' Gareth Evans, from Aberdare, Helen England, from North Tipperary, Teresa Rodmell, from Milton Keynes and Ollie Charles, from London, all asked the same question but got a more sinister response.