Algorithm can identify a person by looking at their dance style


In other words, the research from the University of Jyväskylä, indicates that the way you dance is unique, and from the subtle differences between dance patterns, algorithms can tell it's you rather than someone else. The objective of the research was to apply machine learning to understand how and why music affects people the way that it does. To explore this question, the Finnish scientists used motion capture technology (much like the technology now common movies with a CGI element) to gain an insight about the uniqueness of dance moves and to also extrapolate what the dance move might say about the person. From studying different patterns of dancing, the researchers are of the view that they can determine how extroverted or neurotic a person is and also draw insights in the particular mood a person is experiencing. The recent study used seventy-three people, who were motion captured dancing to eight different forms of music: Blues, Country, Dance/Electronica, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Reggae and Rap.