Iraq special forces hold 19 Mosul neighborhoods, get tipped off on jihadi positions by trapped civilians

The Japan Times 

AL-QASR, IRAQ/MOSUL IRAQ – Iraqi special forces fighting Islamic State militants on the eastern side of Mosul have retaken 19 neighborhoods from the extremist group since the battle for the city began last month, a senior Iraqi commander said on Wednesday. Gen. Haider Fadhil of the special forces told The Associated Press his men were now about 4 km (2.5 miles) from the Tigris River, which slices the city in half. He said the 19 neighborhoods constituted less than 30 percent of the part of the city east of the Tigris. The government in October launched a massive campaign to retake Mosul from IS. The offensive was launched on multiple fronts, but most of the fighting has to date been concentrated in the city's eastern sector, with Iraq's special forces taking the lead.

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