Cambridge University study reveals more police on streets does help stop crime

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Putting more bobbies on the beat really does cut crime – even if they are just police community support officers, research suggests. It found targeting high-crime areas with PCSOs, who have fewer powers than police constables, saved 56 in prison costs for every 10 spent on extra manpower. The officers spent just over ten minutes twice a day patrolling 34 'hot spots' where crimes were statistically more likely to happen. Just having a visible police presence reduced 999 calls by 20 per cent and led to 39 per cent fewer reported crimes, the research found. In all, the extra 21 minutes of patrols a day in the 34 areas cost 50,000 over the year of the study – equivalent to the salaries of two full-time PCSOs.

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