AI in cyber security: a help or a hindrance?


With a disappearing IT perimeter, a widening skills gap and the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, it is not surprising that many enterprises are struggling to deal with the current cyber security landscape. It's not just the continued data breaches that have hit the media headlines this year, but it's the nature of the data – CVV and passport numbers – coupled with the regulations such as GDPR that have placed strict directives on the need for organisations to keep their data safe. A lot has changed in the cyber security landscape this year, and one topic that has been in the spotlight is Artificial Intelligence (AI), with many organisations beginning to adopt the technology to take it from just another buzzword to an application that can deliver true business value. Discussion of AI's ability to aid the cyber security industry has played a big part of the debate; whilst some argue it has the potential to revolutionise the cyber security industry, others argue that the drawbacks currently far outweigh the potential benefits. Research shows that 60% think AI has the ability to find attacks before they do damage – but how far can the technology be relied upon to keep the bad guys out?