This car company ripped off Land Rover. Here's why it might get away with it.

Washington Post - Technology News 

The cars are basically indistinguishable unless you hone in on the exact stitching of the seats or the fine arrangement of the headlights. Even then, changes are so minuscule, it's nearly impossible to realize one of these vehicles costs 41,000, and the other just 21,700. British luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover and Chinese carmaker Jiangling will go to court this summer in China to settle their dispute over what exactly is fair game in the auto industry. Can Chinese companies continue to get away with "shanzhai" -- a Chinese term for prideful counterfeiting -- of car designs? It's a judicial battle that pits Western car companies against the burgeoning Chinese and East Asian market, and one that has captured the attention of economists, auto industry insiders and intellectual property experts.

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