Adapting Machine Learning Algorithms to Novel Use Cases


If there was a metric for success in the data science profession, it would require a multi-dimensional scoring model. This metric would cover a data scientist's technical skills and talents, analytic literacies and ways of thinking, and soft skills and aptitudes. Soft skills include a collection of aptitudes that I call the "seven C's of successful data scientists": Collaboration (data science as a team sport), Communication (data storytelling), Computational thinking, Critical thinking, Creativity, Curiosity, Continuous lifelong learning, Complex problem-solving, Compassion (design thinking), Consultative (active listening), Community-focused, and Cool under pressure ("tolerance for ambiguity"). Okay, that's more than seven things, but they represent my perspective on the journey to data science maturity as "sailing on the seven seas". This idiom comes from an ancient allegory that associated the seven known seas on Earth with the seven known moving objects in the heavens.

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