Stereotypes are allowing both sexes to 'wimp out' of doing things based on gender

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Claims that women are better at multi-tasking are a myth, a leading female academic said yesterday. Professor Gina Rippon, of Aston University, said that stereotypes that purport to be based on science are just allowing men and women to'wimp out' of doing things based on their sex. She said that women become'wired' for multi-tasking not because of anything innate, but because that is what society expects of them. Professor Rippon, who lecures in Neuroscience said the idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus is'trash', the professor And Prof Rippon said that the segregation between girls and boys even occurs from a young age - with them being given different toys to play with and different books to read - and that could change the way in which their brains develop. She told an audience at Swansea University that boys' toys can often be more training-based while girls' toys are more nurturing.