Tesla vs. Self-Driving Competition -- New MIT Video CleanTechnica


Autonomous driving technology promises to unleash sweeping changes on our society. However (perhaps fortunately), it's likely to be some time before self-driving cars become frequent sights on the roads. Boosters tend to see autonomy as an unmitigated boon, but some of their assumptions are yet to be proven -- the technology has the potential to reduce crashes, but we won't know if they do so in the real world until autonomous vehicles (AVs) have been in widespread use for at least a year or two. When it comes to some of the other rosy predictions, evidence to the contrary is already emerging -- in some areas, ride-sharing services such as Uber have increased road traffic, reduced demand for public transport, and encouraged sprawl. If Transportation as a Service (TaaS) does make mobility a lot cheaper and more convenient, common sense dictates that people will use a lot more of it.