OpenAI launches reinforcement learning training to prepare for artificial general intelligence


OpenAI today announced the launch of Spinning Up, a program designed to teach anyone deep reinforcement learning. OpenAI is well known for making funky-looking agents in virtual environments that learn how to walk on their own such as Humanoid v2 or POLO, a collaboration with University of Washington. Reinforcement learning involves providing reward signals to an agent in an environment incentivized to maximize its reward to meet a goal. RL has played a role in major AI breakthroughs such as Google DeepMind's AlphaGo and agents trained in environments like Dota 2. Spinning Up includes a collection of important reinforcement learning research papers, a glossary of terminology necessary to understand RL, and a collection of algorithms for running exercises. The program is being launched not just to help people learn how reinforcement learning works, but to make progress towards OpenAI's general goal of safely creating artificial general intelligence (AGI) by involving more people from fields beyond computer science.

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