Cloud computing sticker shock is now a monthly occurrence at many companies


Spinning up that AWS or Azure instance at the snap of a finger may be a beautiful thing to behold, but sometimes the application, testbed or whatever it may be gets abandoned and forgotten -- but still appears on monthly bills, along with all the other spun-up but not powered-down services. On the outset, the low-hanging fruit of cloud migration was the purported cost savings seen through switching from a front-loaded licensing model to a month-by-month subscription approach, which certainly looked good on balance sheets from a CapEx perspective. Now, however, as cloud catches on across enterprises, taking up the work of many business functions, many chief financial officers as well as CIOs are gasping at the unexpected expenses seen in their monthly bills. Add to that the lack of visibility into cloud resource usage - something nearly one-third of companies struggle with. As services get gobbled up, the meter keeps running.