California man challenges federal law refusing 'immoral' trademark for clothing brand 'FUCT'

FOX News 

Los Angeles artist Erik Brunetti, the founder of the streetwear clothing company "FUCT," poses for a photo in Los Angeles ON Thursday. A California man whose company carries a provocative name is hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule against a trademark law that he says restricts his First Amendment rights. A lawyer for Erik Brunetti, owner of the "FUCT" clothing brand, will appear before the Supreme Court on Monday to challenge a federal trademarking law that allows officials to refuse trademarks that they deem "scandalous" or "immoral." Brunetti called the provision an unconstitutional restriction of speech that should be struck down. He also said that the underlying process is arbitrary, and that trademarks more offensive than his could be approved depending on who handles the case.

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