Aussie supercomputer centre taps IBM Power


Australia's national research computing facility, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), has purchased four new IBM Power System servers for High Performance Computing (HPC) in a bid to drive its artificial intelligence, deep learning, and advanced analytics capabilities. At the same time, NCI has become the first Australian organisation to join the OpenPOWER Foundation, a global open technical community enabling collaborative development and industry growth. This means that the facility will introduce an open architecture solution and IBM Power Systems for HPC technology into its data centre for the first time, in the hopes of providing increased flexibility, optimisation, efficiency, and a bespoke solution to support its needs. The computing power provided by NCI, based at Canberra's Australian National University (ANU), is leveraged by researchers, industry, and government. The facility boasts a large-scale peak Fujitsu Primergy cluster system named Raijin, and a small specialized Fujitsu PrimeHPC FX10 system, Fujin.