iTWire - Machine learning 'the next competitive frontier' in a decade


Dr Crystal Valentine, the company's vice-president of technology strategy, told iTWire in an interview that it was still the very early days of seeing machine learning and deep learning being put to work by enterprises outside academia. Dr Valentine has a background in big data research and practice and before joining MapR, she was a professor of computer science at Amherst College. She has authored various academic publications in the areas of algorithms, high-performance computing, and computational biology and holds a patent for Extreme Virtual Memory. As a former consultant at Ab Initio Software, working with Fortune 500 companies to design and implement high-throughput, mission-critical applications and as a tech expert consulting for equity investors focused on technology, Dr Valentine has developed significant business experience in the enterprise computing industry. Dr Crystal Valentine: Machine learning encompasses a number of different algorithms for training computers to solve specific tasks, including tasks that are part of larger artificial intelligence systems.

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