CIOs Sound Off on Tech Buzzwords That Need to Go WSJD - Technology 

"Too many meanings, and it's seen as the hammer that can solve everything," he said. "I think'innovation' needs to go away in the context of what we use these days because everything that we do has innovation built into that," said Anil Bhatt, CIO at Anthem Inc. "We want to make sure that we are being more real about things as we move forward." Citigroup Inc. CIO of its Global Consumer Bank Shadman Zafar requests that everyone deprogram from language best suited to machines, like "sync up." "Let's use more human terms to describe human interactions," he said. Another one he would not miss is "actionable insights." "Any other kind would be useless so we don't need to waste time on those other insights, and we can drop the'actionable' adjective!" he said.