AI Generation: Learnings from Alliance4AI's First 100 Startups in Africa


Those who raise questions about Africa's preparedness for the fourth industrial revolution should look no further than the continent's young entrepreneurs, transcending tough resource constraints to lead a burgeoning AI startup ecosystem. Studies show that young people are more enthusiastic about technology. With the youngest and fastest-growing population on earth (Africa has a median age of 19 years compared to Europe's 41.8 years), there could be no better time for Africa than now. Young people in Africa are rising above infrastructure and resource constraints to create ingenious processes to adopt and apply the fourth industrial revolution technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to generate more value for their localities. Since we founded the Alliance for Africa's Intelligence (Alliance4ai) one year ago, we have interacted with more than 100 AI startups to learn about their work and support them with a platform where they exchange knowledge and opportunities with students, schools and other players in the ecosystem.

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