The business imperative behind inclusion and diversity


Dr. Tucker (PhD in journalism and mass communication) is founder of Do What Matters, a consultancy dedicated to promoting diversity in the marketing services industry, with a special focus on agencies -- but her insights have application across all kinds of business teams. Improving cultural and social wellness within a business like an agency is an ethical imperative. Right now, employers need to pay attention to mental wellness too. "Agencies are feeling a lot of pressure," said Dr Tucker. "Their feeling squeezed margins by the growing in-house movement, increased competition from consultancies, more demanding clients. I mean, it has gotten even worse since COVID --- everybody just feels like they need access all the time and they can get it through Zoom or Teams or cell phones or what have you. And then rising employee and customer activism means that there's a lot of consciousness that has been raised. Clearly, some employees are bearing the brunt of burnout, workplace harassment, discrimination, and blocked opportunities more than others. "When you look at the entire industry, it is no wonder that people of color, women, and other disadvantaged groups are feeling the pain.

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