Asia Times Man v Robot is an improbable conflict Article


Sorry, science fiction fans, but the "replicants" of the Blade Runner saga or the "terminators" of the eponymous action movie franchise are not on the horizon. "Don't imagine human-like, humanoid robots when you think of the future of robots," said Kim Sang-bae, the world-renowned robot scientist who developed a four-legged walking robot called "Cheetah," which has gained widespread media exposure. Not only is it impossible to develop human-like robots now, it may remain impossible in the future, according to Kim, a mechanical engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While the ultimate stage of robotics may, indeed, be creating machines that can think and work on their own, there is a yawning gap between where robot technologies stand now and that final-stage development. In an interview with Asia Times, Kim predicted that the robot industry would continue to expand by creating robots which can do very specific things better than humans.

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