Injecting more intelligence into supply chains


In a time when supply chains have been choking, investment dollars have been flowing to intelligent, AI or analytics-driven solutions. For example, in recent news, The Wall Street Journal's Marc Vartabedian reports that Project44, which develops supply-chain analytics software for shipping and logistics companies, raised $420 million in a recent funding round, bringing the value of the company to $2.2 billion. "Venture investors committed a record $24 billion to supply-chain tech companies based in North America and Europe through the third quarter of last year, a nearly 60% jump from all of 2020, according to analytics firm PitchBook Data Inc." There is a lot that analytics and AI-based applications can do to clear up supply chains, which have been rocked by pandemics and after-effects, never mind run-of-the-mill shipping challenges. A recent study of 788 business leaders by Unsupervised is finding business intelligence approaches are proving to be instrumental in helping many organizations grapple with supply chain woes, but 40% still are not on board yet.

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