Will Catalonia Leave Spain? Independence Referendum In Barcelona Starts Off Chaotic

International Business Times 

Catalonia's long-disputed independence, derived from Catalan nationalism, which seeks the independence of Catalonia from Spain, began today as people came out to vote for the Independence Referendum. Now once again Spain is bracing for a challenge to its territorial unity as the Catalan regional Government has arranged for an Independence referendum that has not only been suspended by the constitutional court of the country but has faced brutal blows by the central Government in Madrid. But despite these roadblocks, reports in the Guardian suggest that the Catalan Government has predicted that out of 5.3 million eligible voters in Catalonia 60% are going to head to the voting polls in order to challenge the Spanish Government. The Spanish government, however, has declared the vote illegal. But in spite of continual efforts by the Spanish government and the ongoing rains, people of Catalonia are coming out in great numbers to try and vote.

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