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He touches on algorithmic complexity of the approaches but avoids detailed discussion of the algorithms behind the methods. Ruby code is given for all approaches and it's easy to follow. There's a very brief intro to enough Ruby to understand the code even if you've never touched Ruby. I can't heavily recommend it but I also think the book achieves a reasonable set of goals for its (apparent) intended audience. I'm reluctant about the use of "AI" in the title and text but it's a loaded term in any case so I'll let that go. Don't buy the book -- even at the low cost -- without using Amazon's "look inside" feature to at least view the table of contents and sample pages. With these caveats, it might be useful to a Ruby -- or other beginning -- programmer needing quick solutions to similar problems as covered in this short book. If you're not in that category, I'd skip it and pick up a good general algorithm text covering data structures and searching. BTW, the Kindle version is a much better buy if you decide you're a fit.