Nvidia accelerates artificial intelligence, analytics with an ecosystem approach


This proclamation, from NVIDIA co-founder, president, and CEO Jensen Huang at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), held from March 26 to March 29 in San Jose, Calif., only hints at this company's growing impact on state-of-the-art computing. Read also: Nvidia's new supercomputer Clara designed to act as hospital processing hub Nvidia's physical products are accelerators (for third-party hardware) and the company's own GPU-powered workstations and servers. Jensen Huang, co-founder, president, and CEO at Nvidia, presents the sweep of the company's growing AI Platform at GTC 2018 in San Jose, Calif. On the hardware front, the headlines from GTX built on the foundation of Nvidia's graphical processing unit advances. If the "feeds and speeds" stats mean nothing to you, let's put them into the context of real workloads.