RSA APAC 2016: Cybersecurity strategy needs overhaul


Businesses and governments will need to relook their approach to cybersecurity in order to cope with the current technology landscape, and this may mean changing their country's legislation and law enforcement capabilities. Singapore, for instance, had been reassessing the way it addressed cybersecurity and identifying areas that needed to be tweaked, according to its Minister of Home Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam. He pointed to the country's National Cybercrime Action Plan, which aimed to coordinate local efforts in deterring, detecting, and disrupting such activities. Speaking at the RSA Asia-Pacific Conference 2016 this week, Shanmugam further underscored the need to focus on prevention as well as establish a speedy and strong response to cybercrime. The local legal framework also must be able to facilitate efforts in this area, he said, adding that industry collaboration should be encouraged as the ability to combat cybercrimes would have to come from a shared responsibility.

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