Gigabyte's Aero 15 for 2019 uses Microsoft AI to optimize performance


During a CES 2019 press conference, Gigabyte pulled the curtain back on a brand-new Aero 15 with Nvidia's RTX graphics and a complete suite of Intel components inside. The laptop is identical to the previous model in terms of chassis design. Instead, Gigabyte is focused on not only updating the hardware inside the laptop but ensuring as much of it is Intel-made as possible – from the processor to the SSD and the modem. There's a reason for this: Gigabyte has partnered with Intel and Microsoft to bring cloud-based, artificial intelligence-driven (AI) hardware optimization to the Aero 15. This is how it works: upon setup, a user can opt-in to share processor, graphics, fan, keyboard and audio usage data with Microsoft's Azure AI cloud service.

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