RankBrain - Everything We Know so Far


Back in October 2015, Google announced that a new system, named RankBrain, will become an integral part of their search engine. The story was first presented in a Bloomberg article. RankBrain is one of the newest additions to Google's algorithm (but not an algorithmic update). It represents a machine learning system that should help Google understand search queries better. So far, Google has provided us with very limited information regarding RankBrain. Due to this fact, we have been left with a lot of room for speculation. Here are some facts and presumptions when it comes to this revolutionary system. This is a machine learning system that should provide users more relevant results to their queries. RankBrain is an automated system that is able to learn by itself without any human interference. Furthermore, a great thing about it is that it can learn from its mistakes and continuously improve its results. Have in mind that this wasn't Google's first project involving machine learning. Google news is based on the same concept.