How data and machine learning are changing European football - Which-50


Netherlands-based data intelligence company SciSports is hoping to change world football through data, motion tracking and machine learning. Using data and machine learning, the company produces a "SciSkill Index" – an objective ranking of current ability, potential and influence of thousands of footballers across hundreds of different competitions around the world. The score is determined by the SciSports' existing data library and from 3D data collected from stadium cameras, which converts movements in practice or during the match into useful information in real time. "It is the first system that allows you to compare James Troisi with Neymar and check if Milos Degenek has the potential to become as good as David Luiz," a company spokesperson told Which-50. "This will enable clubs to increase their scouting scope, decrease their risk of signing the wrong player and enlarge the change of finding the right talent."