Stop Expecting Games to Build Empathy


What do games do for us--and what do we owe them for that? It's an odd question, but it seems to come up, in one form or another, whenever a gaming controversy hits the news. Gaming is no longer a young medium, but it's still somewhat opaque from the outside, which makes games an easy target for crusades from those wont to crusade: most recently, with local-news insistences that Fortnite is rotting your children's brains. But every question about gaming's value is met, within the world of videogaming, with a chorus insisting that games are good for you, games are your friend, and--perhaps most concretely--games actually make you more empathetic. It's this assumption that buoys the Games for Change Festival, the 15th edition of which begins today in New York, as well as a dozen other games advocacy groups.

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