Robots Are Growing Tons of Our Food. Here's the Creepy Part.

Mother Jones 

You don't see self-driving cars taking over American cities yet, but robotic tractors already roar through our corn and soybean farms, helping to plant and spray crops. They also gather huge troves of data, measuring moisture levels in the soil and tracking unruly weeds. Combine that with customized weather forecasts and satellite imagery, and farmers can now make complex decisions like when to harvest--without ever stepping outside. These tools are part of a new trend, known as "precision agriculture," that is transforming how we grow crops. Using everything from sensors on combines to drones equipped with infrared cameras that monitor plant health, service providers--ranging from Monsanto and DuPont to startups--take data from the fields, upload it to the cloud, crunch it, and provide farmers with advice on how to run their operations.

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